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Use the search function or filters to define your sound. You can search by genre, tempo, attributes, artist influence, mood, and more. We’ll instantly pull tracks for you that we think are a fit.



Click the “shopping cart” icon to add your track to the cart. Then repeat this action until you have all the tracks you’ll need for your project.



Click the orange “View Cart” button on the left. Then click the blue “Proceed to Checkout” button. Upon purchasing, you’ll instantly receive a download package with a WAV mix, multi-tracks, info sheet, and license agreement. With servers in multiple countries, your downloads are quick and painless.



Write a kick ass song using your Anthemize track and then go show it the world! With your unlimited license you can non-exclusively sync your music in film/tv (money baby!), sell your song, stream your song, broadcast your song on radio, and perform your song. No limitations. 100% royalty free. Need 100% exclusivity? We recommend going fully custom.



Remember, you can always send us an email if you want to tweak the tempo, key, and arrangement of your track(s). We’ll set up a 1-on-1 with your producer to modify your song as you see fit. We also assist our clients with mixing, lyric/melody writing, and brand direction. Check out our services.



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